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COMPLIMENT…A polite expression of praise or admiration.Websters Dictionary

Compliments, manners and civility seem to have been tossed by the way side recently. To return to a sense of kindness and respect, I vote we have a Compliment Challenge.

There is great power in a compliment. Mark Twain commented that “I can live two months on one good compliment.” I concur with that statement. When someone takes the time to acknowledge something I have done in a specific way. It truly makes my day and spurs me on to work in the direction of additional compliments in the future.

A sincere compliment uplifts people. Makes one feel special, noticed and appreciated.

4 Powerful Attributes of a Compliment

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    Compliments Inspire People

    A genuine compliment, appreaciating a skill, acheivement, or attitidue in others can be like a match that fuels their fire.

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    Compliments Fuel Rewarded Behaviour

    Want your employees, kids or boss to keep doing good things? Then compliment their efforts. People around you crave appreciation, show it and desired behaviour may continue.

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    Compliments Focus on the Best in Others

    When we take on a compliment challenge, we activily engage in looking for the best in others. The more we proactivly seek to compliment the strengths of others, the less we focus on their weaknesses.

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    Sincere Compliments Increase Sales

    SellingPower.com details how a sincere compliment on a decision maker’s choices, business or team can increase sales.

To make a compliment memorable, don’t mention the ordinary; that does not generate much enthusiasm. Instead, make the effort to be specific on an action, a task, a new look or kind gesture. The more your compliment shows that you are genuine, you care and you took notice; the more impact your compliment will have.

Do you accept the Compliment Challenge?

BTW, nice shoes. 🙂

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