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Social Media: the Tool for When You just HAVE to be There

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Social media is the ultimate tool to leverage your career and life.

Social media made the recent Inspired Luncheon memorable, in the most unique way.

The luncheon address, Debunking Social Media Myths , was being presented by the very talented Connie Cermak. Connie and I had been working for months to find a date where she would be able to present to our group of working women. Connie’s knowledge of current trends and relevant ways to promote businesses and individuals via social media, was a talk I was looking forward to hearing.

(Click here for Connie Cermak’s website; Social Nectar)

I had made all the preparations for the luncheon and woke up the morning of the event relaxed and calm.

Well, I was relaxed until I received the 7AM text…

“Fog prevented flight from landing. I am back in Seattle. Connie”

I don’t know why but initially I thought it was a joke. “Could this be April 1st?” Then it sunk in that in just 4 short hours, my room would be full of working women, and my speaker, Connie, was 600 miles away.


When problems occur, a grounding principle for me has always been that I cannot control what happens in my life, but, I CAN control my reactions. That principle kicked in at 7:01 in the morning. Instead of panic, I focused on options. How could I pull off the lunch and make it a memorable event for the attendees? Within an hour, back up contingencies of alternate speakers, watching a video presentation, and even switching themes, were in place. All acceptable options, but, not the best. Then Connie reached out and asked if we had access to Skype. What a concept; USE social media to EDUCATE on social media.

Brilliant Solution.

Long story short is the luncheon talk was MORE effective because of the crisis. Having Connie present her talk in the room would have been normal and routine. However, having her present her talk, via Skype, while huddled in a corner of a gate at Seattle Airport, created not just one, but three, powerful, teachable moments.

(Note: I intentionally use “teachable moments” as the heading over “powerful lesson” as a teachable moment is described by Wikipedia as “that moment when a unique, high interest situation arises that lends itself to discussion of a particular topic.” I interpret solving problems as teachable moments, regardless if we are age 5 or age 55.)

3through Solving a Crisis

1. Crisis Management. What do you do when your best laid plans fail? Crises happen to everyone; at work and at home. Many situations that occur in our lives are totally out of our control. The only thing we “own” is how we react. Learning to remain calm and learning to look for opportunities, in any situation, moves us forward.

2. Social Media Tools in Action. Social media connects people. When you leverage this technology, the distance between people is eliminated. Attendees experienced this first hand and left with new understanding how to use these tools for work and home.

3. Perseverance.
Don’t settle. Don’t accept average; strive for the best. I had built up Connie’s talk to so many people and I did not want to disappoint. That is what drove me to find the best solution possible. Connie also was willing to be inconvenienced. She strives for perfection in her work and she is a promise keeper. As easy as it would have been for her to postpone the talk, she opted to dig deeper. As we were both united in this cause, we were willing to stretch, even to the point of being uncomfortable.

At the end of her talk, we (attendees and I) joked with Connie that all the people around her at the airport were likely wondering who she was (expecting that they had overheard her conversation with us.) Then she panned the camera and we saw that she had huddled herself in a corner, on the floor, beside a garbage can, with no one in sight.

Not glamorous, not glamorous at all.

So much of success is like that. We may think other women and other businesses have an easy road, but, when we get a glimpse of what is behind their curtain, likely we will see a woman who works hard, keeps her word, delivers the best she can to clients, and is willing to be uncomfortable, even unglamorous, while doing so.

Pulling off the event itself was memorable, the other was the content Connie shared with us; practical tips to leverage your social media presence whether you are an employee, business owner, a rep for a networking marketing company, or self employed as a realtor or therapist. We will be featuring these tips in an upcoming post. Stay tuned to Inspired.

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